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Not only do we have the best all inclusive rates for our wellness and fitness packages, our weight loss and wellness packages now include all taxes.


The Hills Health Ranch offers, to our clients, several educational workshops and consultations. From smoking cessation to nutrition, we cover all the aspects of wellness and lifestyle needs.

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Our Workshops

All the below workshops are $19.00 each, unless included in your package. Click here to view available packages

Healthy Boundaries:

    This workshop deals with setting boundaries for ourselves. How far will we go, and how far will we allow others to go with us. Developed and lead by Sandy, an experienced behavioural counsellor.

The Art of Letting Go

    This workshop will give you the basis of understanding why the art of Letting Go can be difficult. Learning the skills of release work will allow you to move freely through change and create a more fulfilling future. When we focus on the past and worry about the future we miss the beauty of today. Developed and lead by Sandy, an experienced behavioral counsellor.

Meal Planning Workshop

    A meal plan can help to reduce mealtime stress and the grocery budget. Learn how to plan ahead to make mealtimes easier and to avoid unnecessary groceries purchases.

Nutritional Fundamentals

    Join Regula, a holistic nutritionist and certified nutrition and wellness specialist. Learn basic principles of nutrition and the nutrients required to fuel your body for optimum functioning.

Natural Menopause

    This seminar provides excellent introduction to an easy to follow practical solution for safely restoring healthy hormone balance (the natural way)

Fat Burning with Exercise

    Join Clare, a Kinesiologist, to increase your knowledge of how to burn body fat more efficiently. Topics covered include body composition, fitness assessment, target heart rates and exercise prescription.

Back School

    This workshop explains proper standing, sitting, lying, and getting up techniques. Learn how to use your body properly. Rainer is a German certified Physiotherapist.

Rehab Training

    This workshop focuses on rehab training for specific areas. Learn specific exercises to regain mobility and strengthen injured body parts. Monday- knee/ankle/foot; Friday - shoulder/hip


    Nutritional Consultation $79
    Medical Consultation $129
    Fitness Testing $69
    Wellness Enhancement Consultation $79
    Personal Training $69