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     Weight Loss is a misleading term for what these programs provide you though weight loss is an outcome of your commitment to participate in our special program. You will be educated and encouraged toward a healthier, better lifestyle. You are not treated like a recruit in a boot camp with sparse meals.
Yes, your caloric intake is controlled, and your food fat percentages are kept to optimal levels (along with your carbohydrates and proteins). You are nurtured and educated about the choices you make. At the same time you provide the effort to go to the fitness classes, hikes and walks that are best suited to your needs.
     You are also pampered - to ease sore muscles and to encourage the soul!
The goal is not to lose weight - but rather to change a lifestyle that gave you extra un-wanted pounds. Once you begin to understand the healthy lifestyle and become more committed to it, then your body will gradually reduce to your optimum weight level.
     This is the only effective way to lose weight. Do not aim for quick losses - the quicker you lose - the quicker you gain back.

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If you have any questions about our Weight Loss programs; if you feel that you have a need for this kind of program, or you simply need more information, please feel free to e-mail us and we will promptly get you the answers you need!

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