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Rose Hip

     Our Rosehips are one of nature's most potent sources of vitamin C, bio-flavonoids, minerals and essential fatty acids and are vital to build and strengthen body tissue, especially the blood vascular system to include preventing and healing of fragile, broken capillaries.

     Our Rosehips are grown at the 3400 ft level, allowing a higher level of nutrient concentration in a wild, unspoiled wilderness area and are cold pressed and organic.

     Some research and science has shown wild Rosehip oil is also beneficial for sensitive skin, weak thread veins, and effective in promoting tissue regeneration. It is used on scars, burns, wrinkles, callouses and is helpful for many other skin abnormalities. We have at our fingertips 20,000 acres of these blessed Rosehips to formulate our Canadian Wild Rosehip Oil. We use this precious oil for facials, body wraps, body scrubs, to massage into your hands and feet and our own massage lotion is based with our Rosehip oil. Try several of our treatments with our natural Rosehip oil and see and feel the difference for yourself.

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