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Despite all the emerging fads in nutrition, The Hills has remained consistent in the approach of balancing types and portions of foods in accordance with how the body utilizes nutrients. We recommend the ratio of carbohydrates to be 50 percent, protein to be 25 percent and fat to be 25 percent. Here at The Hills we strive to equip you with the strategies for a lifetime change. We encourage you to seek a caloric level and an eating plan that fits into your very individual lifestyle without feeling deprived.
55 minutes $79


Looking for ways to reduce stress?? Are your anxiety levels beyond what they should be?? During this session, you will find new clues to help deal with many of your issues that you know are effecting your health, effecting your attitudes towards others and effecting your ability to cope. Your private session will be a great personal nurturing experience, helping you to encounter your problems, issues and health, with renewed strength & empowerment.
55 minutes $79


Our staff are all registered in BC to conduct your personal fitness assessment, and help you to understand your current fitness condition relative to where you could be and will work with you to suggest a personal program to help you in your conditioning requirements and needs. You will learn a lot about your cardiovascular health & condition, your body flexibility, and your muscular strength, in order to help you plan your future fitness programs.
55 minutes $69


A personal trainer will help you to concentrate on your personal fitness requirements, working on your strength, flexibility and cardio requirements. You will have the privacy and encouragement of your own personal certified fitness trainer!!
55 minutes $69

This assessment is designed to read bodily signs which may relate to nutritional imbalances 55 minutes $79


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