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Not only do we have the best all inclusive rates for our wellness and fitness packages, our weight loss and wellness packages now include all taxes.


It is the mission of all those who work at The Hills Health Ranch to ensure that the spa experience at our unique, award-winning, health and fitness spa is a holistic health and wellness experience based on your deeply personal needs for Relaxation, Reflection, Revitalization, and Rejoicing!!

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Our Weight Loss Program

weight-loss-consultWe feature 6 - 10 and 30 night stays. Many guests stay up to 90 days!!!
Weight Loss is a misleading term for what these programs provide you though weight loss is an outcome of your commitment to participate in our special program. You will be educated and encouraged toward a healthier, better lifestyle. You are not treated like a recruit in a boot camp with sparse meals.
Yes, your caloric intake is controlled, and your food fat percentages are kept to optimal levels (along with your carbohydrates and proteins). You are nurtured and educated about the choices you make. At the same time you provide the effort to go to the fitness classes, hikes and walks that are best suited to your needs.
You are also pampered - to ease sore muscles and to encourage the soul!
The goal is not to lose weight - but rather to change a lifestyle that gave you extra un-wanted pounds. Once you begin to understand the healthy lifestyle and become more committed to it, then your body will gradually reduce to your optimum weight level. This is the only effective way to lose weight. Do not aim for quick losses - the quicker you lose - the quicker you gain back. Click Here for package details

Spa Philosophy

spa-philosophyThrough spa lifestyle cuisine and nutrition education programs, The Hills’ nutrition philosophy promotes optimal health and personal well being through all stages of life.
Spa lifestyle cuisine encompasses a complete culinary experience that is enjoyable, practical, and satisfying to the senses – aromatic, beautiful and flavorful – as well as adequately nourishing to the body.
The spa lifestyle nutrition strategy promotes and teaches variety, moderation, and balance through a mindful approach that is conscious of the food’s origin and nutritional value. It advocates the consumption of quality whole foods that have been minimally processed and simply prepared to maximize the natural beauty, essence of flavors, and healthful benefits.
When possible, The Hills serve foods that are seasonal and raised and distributed locally by organic farmers and purveyors who utilize sustainable techniques.

  1. We believe in boosting lean muscle mass to elevate metabolism.
  2. We believe in planning or allowing approximately 60% carbohydrates, 20% fat and 20% protein in our nutritional planning.
  3. We believe in a behavioral approach to weight management.
  4. Our mission is to provide nutritionally balanced meals made with the best available natural sources of nutrients.
  5. We believe that, in terms of well-being, food is a reflection of our overall health.
  6. We encourage guests to eat with mindfulness, i.e. thinking about what we should eat, before we eat.
  7. We believe weight loss is a side effect of an improved lifestyle.
  8. Our chefs have also replaced some of the "non-or low fat products" with the real thing, which may have a little more fat, but are cleaner and healthier because of the lack of gums and additives.

We are proud to share these important thoughts with you, as you begin your stay with us. If you have any questions, or need to make specific dietary changes, or just need some advise, Claire, our Kinesiologist,will be happy to assist you!
Bon Appetite

Our Staff and Health Professionals

health-professionalThe Hills Health Ranch, home of the Canadian wellness center, has the largest number of health professionals of any resort in Canada. We enjoy having an MD, 5 nurses, kinesiologist, nutritionist, behavioral councilor, as well as a number of personal trainers and fitness instructors.
We strive to bring you the latest in health and healing research and do all we can to bring you the latest in scientific findings to assist you. We have worked with many Universities, such as Cornell University, UNBC, UBC and others in our attempt to ensure you get the best.
We have signed an agreement with UNBC. We are doing research with the National Research Council, working on indigenous plants, looking for the best in health and healing products from plants growing outside our door.

Canadian Born,  Bsc..Kinesiologist-Simon Fraser University; CanFitPRo Nutritional wellness specialist, CPAFLA fitness appraiser; BCRPA Fitness Instructor, Aqua Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

Flo-BurneyFlo Burney...Body Worker, Esthecian Canadian Born, LPN


Cliff75x75Cliff Huck
...Executive Chef...Canadian Red Seal...Cliff has worked at many exclusive resorts including the Nancy Greene Cahilty Lodge, NK MIP, Mica at Spirit Ridge, Stoney Nakoda Resort and Grande Rockies Resort in Canmore Alberta.


Gale-ogdenGale Ogden
BCRPA Fitness Instructor and Weight Trainer, Cala Aquafit Instructor, Pilates Instructor


TooShyCindy Wickingstad
Hatha Yoga Instructor, Cala Aquafit Instructor, Can Fit Pro Nutrition and Wellness Specialist


Tish-DiamondTish Diamond
BCRPA Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, CPAFLA Fitness Appraiser


TooShyKarin Ebert... German Born Outdoor specialist.. English/German speaking certified hiking guide
Canoeing, kayaking,biking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowshoeing coach, aqua instructor and fitness appraiser

TooShySandy Hutton
... Behavioural Counsellor.. Child Youth Family counselor, Addictions counselor, Certified Child Youth Adult sexual abuse counselor, theraputic guided imagery 35 years experience.

We have taken the time to carefully research the world to understand the 10 domains of the spa experience and present them all to you in one place; at one time; for your personal healing and your personal enjoyment. The spa experience at The Hills Health Ranch and the Canadian Wellness Center, is designed to address your needs for inner peace; your needs for new strength; with renewed energy and power to handle the ongoing and continuous stresses of your daily life.