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It is the mission of all those who work at The Hills Health Ranch to ensure that the spa experience at our unique, award-winning, health and fitness spa is a holistic health and wellness experience based on your deeply personal needs for Relaxation, Reflection, Revitalization, and Rejoicing!!

The Hills Health Ranch, home of the Canadian wellness center, has the largest number of health professionals of any resort in Canada. We enjoy having an MD, 5 nurses, kinesiologist, nutritionist, behavioral councilor, as well as a number of personal trainers and fitness instructors.
We strive to bring you the latest in health and healing research and do all we can to bring you the latest in scientific findings to assist you. We have worked with many Universities, such as Cornell University, UNBC, UBC and others in our attempt to ensure you get the best. 
We have signed an agreement with UNBC. We are doing research with the National Research Council, working on indigenous plants, looking for the best in health and healing products from plants growing outside our door.

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We have taken the time to carefully research the world to understand the 10 domains of the spa experience and present them all to you in one place; at one time; for your personal healing and your personal enjoyment. The spa experience at The Hills Health Ranch and the Canadian Wellness Center, is designed to address your needs for inner peace; your needs for new strength; with renewed energy and power to handle the ongoing and continuous stresses of your daily life.

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Organic wild rose hips. Used in all our wellness and spa treatments.

Sleeping Tip - Tired of counting sheep? This natural remedy is sure to put you to sleep. Fill your tub with enough water to cover your ankles. Holding onto something stable, march in place for anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

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