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Health Professionals

A Swiss born, Physicians Ass’t, Nutritionist; Wellness & Health For Seniors Diploma, ; Speaks English, German, Italian and French. ( CPAFLA Fitness Appraiser, Can Fit Pro Pro trainer, NWS.)

Canadian Born,  Bsc..Kinesiologist-Simon Fraser University; CanFitPRo Nutritional wellness specialist, CPAFLA fitness appraiser; BCRPA Fitness Instructor, Aqua Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

Rainer Meyer: Massage Therapist
Rainer got his degree as a MASSAGE THERAPIST in 1984 (Worms-Germany), he worked in a friends clinic for a few years.
In 1989 Rainer started his own clinic.
1995 he got his degree as a PHYSIOTHERAPIST (Stuttgart-Germany).

further courses and education:
1985 - Sport Physiotherapist
1985 - Lymphatic Drainage Therapist trained after Dr. Vodder

1988 - Manual Therapist
1989 - Loop Table Therapist
1991 - Master of Chiropractic/Sweden
1994 - Acupuncture/The Indonesian College of Oriental Medicine-Jakarta
2002 - Therapist for Acupoint-Massage to Penzel/Body-Energy-Treatment
2003 - Instructor for the Body-Energy-Treatment

2004 start of Rainer's Health House and Health Academy at the 108 Mile Ranch, BC, Canada

Dr. Rod Dickie...MD
 Canadian Born, Doctor of Family Medicine; University of British Columbia

Flo Burney...Body Worker, Esthecian Canadian Born, LPN

Anna Tanner...Executive Chef...Canadian Red Seal...Canadian Federation of Chefs De Cuisine; Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist; Hotel & Restaurant Management

Gale Ogden
BCRPA Fitness Instructor and Weight Trainer, Cala Aquafit Instructor, Pilates Instructor

Cindy Wickingstad
Hatha Yoga Instructor, Cala Aquafit Instructor, Can Fit Pro Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

Tish Diamond
BCRPA Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, CPAFLA Fitness Appraiser

Corina Holzapfel
Corina is certified 500-YT, Trained by Yoga Center Hofen (Germany) which has its roots by Shri Yogendra, founder of the Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai India.  The oldest organized center of the world. Besides teaching Yoga and Meditation classes at The Hills Health Ranch, Corina is certified Homeopath and Craniosacral Therapist working in private praxis.

Karin Ebert... German Born Outdoor specialist.. English/German speaking certified hiking guide
Canoeing, kayaking,biking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowshoeing coach, aqua instructor and fitness appraiser

Sandy Hutton... Behavioural Counsellor.. Child Youth Family counselor, Addictions counselor, Certified Child Youth Adult sexual abuse counselor, theraputic guided imagery 35 years experience.